PSAG hones its specialization in casting part finishing : P.S. Auto Grinding’s European Expansion and new Chinese Partnership

Discover the Excellence of P.S. Auto Grinding Limited

Welcome to P.S. Auto Grinding Limited, where over twenty years of expertise in finishing foundry parts using Koyama Barinder automatic grinding centers has set us apart in the industry. Our unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency has earned us the trust of our customers and a reputation for excellence.

Why Choose P.S. Auto Grinding?

At P.S. Auto Grinding, we understand the unique challenges faced by our foundry clients. Our tailored solutions and extensive range of machines and accessories, known for their robustness and performance, have made us a reliable partner in the industry.

Adapting to Evolving Needs

Throughout our history, we have continuously adapted to meet changing demands while maintaining our core values of efficiency and reliability. Today, our machines can be enhanced with numerous options, including extraction conveyors and robot loading cells, all designed and produced by us.

Enhancing Your Business

Join us and discover how our expertise can contribute to strengthening your business and promoting sustainable growth. In response to client requests, we have expanded our offerings to become a specialist in part finishing across Europe.

New Partnership with WEIJING

To address our clients’ needs for quality and affordability, we have partnered with the Chinese manufacturer WEIJING. Their hydraulic wedges and impactors, designed for the efficient removal of casting parts, have been upgraded to our standards and are offered at unbeatable prices. This partnership ensures excellent after-sales service and high-quality equipment at competitive rates.

Addressing Concerns About Chinese Equipment

Rightfully, European industries may hesitate to invest in Chinese equipment due to concerns about quality, reliability, after-sales service, safety standards, and brand reputation.

P.S. Auto Grinding address these concerns by:

  • Ensuring consistent quality and reliability to avoid additional costs related to repairs, replacements, and downtime.
  • Providing comprehensive after-sales service with spare parts and technical support based in Germany for swift assistance.
  • Guaranteeing compliance with European safety and standards to avoid fines and litigation.
  • Upholding our brand image and reputation by delivering high-quality equipment that matches European standards.

Your Trusted Partner

In Europe, few reputable foundry equipment manufacturers remain. Through our partnership with WEIJING, we meet our customers’ demands for quality and cost-effective solutions, backed by our reliable after-sales service and readily available spare parts.

Contact Us

For inquiries and further information about our new product ranges, including the Hydraulic Wedge Breaker (splitter) and impactors (Hammers) “PSAG” for degating manufactured by WEIJING, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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