PSAG – Safer Grinding Solutions


PS Autogrinding Ltd give you safer grinding solutions for the Foundry Industry

Our PSAG Automatic Grinding Machines are programmed, edited, operated and maintained by workers with no previous programming experience. From zero knowledge to capable in as little as 2 days.

With the increasing claim culture, rising insurance costs and a drive to improve working conditions, moving to Automatic Grinding Machines will improve your foundry safety and overall cost effectiveness.

PSAG know that Good Health and Safety is good business.

Foundries report greatly reduced costs due to fewer accidents, less absenteeism, less training and management of Health and Safety, and benefits with insurance premiums. This simply is achieved by automating the cutting and grinding process in a sealed unit therefore taking the possibilities of eye and hand injuries, vibration related diseases and respiratory issues to a new low.

Improving and being seen to be proactive in your Management of Health and Safety can be a major factor when attempting to  win new business from major suppliers.


Contact us to see what a PSAG machine could mean to your individual grinding / fettling business.


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