Identity Realignment of PS FoundryTech GmbH: The Subsidiary’s Name Transition to PS AUTO GRINDING GmbH to Strengthen the DNA of the PS AUTO GRINDING Brand.

Founded in 2016, PS FoundryTech GmbH a subsidiary of PS Auto Grinding Limited, aimed to serve the German-speaking market. With the arrival of Brexit and its uncertainties, PS Auto Grinding Limited naturally needed access to the EU’s single market to avoid trade barriers, maintain client relations and partnerships, ensuring regulatory and legal stability.

For PS Auto Grinding Limited, practical experience showcased logistical complexities, impacts on supply chains, reduced workforce access, and significant economic uncertainty. Consequently, PS Auto Grinding Limited utilized fiscal representation via its logistical partnership in Belgium, now boasting its unique Belgian fiscal number for machine sales.

However, as if Brexit wasn’t enough, the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed us all…

In a recent strategic move, the subsidiary, PS FoundryTech GmbH, decided to realign its identity by adopting the name of its parent company, PS AUTO GRINDING GmbH, in a deliberate effort to solidify its leading position in the market. This transition marks a significant step in the subsidiary’s evolution, focusing on creating stronger synergy and coherence within the PSAG group.

This decision isn’t merely a name change but an assertion to capitalize on the expertise, reputation, and established recognition of the parent company, PS Auto Grinding Limited. By aligning with the main brand, the subsidiary aims to enhance consumer trust, fortify its market presence, and streamline the customer experience.

This identity realignment comes with a clear strategic vision. By adopting the parent company’s name, the subsidiary aims to benefit from more effective marketing synergies, unified communication, and a consistent presentation of its products or services. This approach fosters better internal coordination while simplifying the brand’s perception for stakeholders.

Moreover, this change isn’t just pragmatic but also symbolic, signifying a deeper integration of the subsidiary within the parent company’s ecosystem. It marks a strategic evolution to reinforce solidarity within the group.

Overall, it’s a determined step towards reinforced coherence, unified strategy, and brand consolidation within the group, paving the way for new opportunities and continued growth for the company as a whole.

Furthermore, the company founded and led by Paul Smith enters a new era as Christopher SMITH, aged 30, becomes the CEO of the subsidiary. This transition also signifies a significant progression in the company’s continuity and evolution, highlighting the family legacy and commitment. Christopher, deeply influenced by his father’s values and experience, is poised to infuse a new dynamic and continue the company’s advancement, blending tradition with an innovative vision for the future.”

JF Roumec

Sales Manager