How IW GUSSPUTZ GmbH and PS autogrinding Ltd couldn’t have met each other when the two companies share the same logo: the grinding wheel with sparks?

The IW group is a constellation of three companies:

• In 2006, the engineering company IW-PROJEKT GmbH started up with headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. It successfully implements international projects in the field of mechanical engineering and installations, with production at economic locations in Europe and Asia, especially Turkey.

• In 2010, the post-processing, casting finishing and logistics company IW-GUSSPUTZ GmbH near Aschaffenburg, which from 2020 implemented the first automation lines with PS AutoGrinding Ltd

• In 2016, the foundation of IW-STEELTEC AS, a company specialized in the manufacture of machinery and installations, based in the coastal industrial site of Izmir / Turkey, the youngest company of the IW group of companies.


IW GUSSPUTZ is strong of:

  • 3 000 m² with inlet and outlet by truck with full roof
  • 75 employees (production, quality, logistic and management) in two shifts and possibly in three shifts with appropriate ordering requirements.
  • Warehouse and logistics: Extended storage options: – approx. 400 boxes

Servicing of IW GUSSPUTZ:

  • Manual cutting for cluster or by CNC robot hexapod Fanuc
  • Manual Grinding or CNC part grinding Koyama 400S, 500TT, 500TTXL
  • Part sandblasting
  • Endoscopic control
  • Dip or spray paint
  • Storage and delivery to the end customer.
  • Machining and assembly of components

IW GUSSPUTZ Testimony:

“Four Koyama robotic grinding centers optimize planning efficiency and reliability…”

Mr Sefah R.Altun CEO said

With the expansion of the casting cleaning machines fleet by four Robotic grinding centers, IW GUSSPUTZ will take a new step of optimization in its machining processes in 2020!

“Never again Bench grinder!” “Is the joy of all our employees who have worked regularly at this workplace so far. And for everyone, because the conversion of the hand grinding workstations to automated grinding has given the casting cleaning team a lot of momentum since January 2020. Everyone is enthusiastically jumping into the courses. internal training, because the new grinding centers take over all arduous grinding work after the current conversion phase and thus also their exposure to noise, dust and the risk of injury. In the future, tireless machines will form the technical basis for reliable and consistent grinding quality for all castings processed, fewer rejects and more efficiency in the entire outsourcing workflow.

In the same year, we ordered: 2 x 400S, 1 x 500TT, 500TTXL

At the time of writing this article, other machines are on the way with great ambitions.

IW GUSSPUTZ GmbH a company to follow…

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