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A Poland’s Postcard from PS Autogrinding Ltd with Victaulic Polska

PS Autogrinding Ltd and the Polish Market:

PSAG is the sole distributor of Koyama Automatic grinding machines across EMEA with its Subsidiary PS FoundryTech GmbH located in Germany. PSAG has built up an efficient network of agents over time. Paul Smith, the Founder, is proud to celebrate the 20 years old of the company. And it will not be 20 candles that we will blow out but more than 520 as the number of machines sold since its inception.

Providing machines for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, service, training and spares PSAG & PSFT has grown from modest beginnings into the leading supplier of automatic grinding systems. PSAG has developed its own Robotic Loading Cell and machine’s options for a customization controlled and without unpleasant surprises.

With a first machine installed in 2007, the Polish Market isn’t the biggest with 28 machines installed in comparison of the 139 in UK, the 67 in Turkey or the 61 in Germany but it’s a fast-growing market with foundries moving ahead.

Eurocast Industries sp zo. o. sk, our agent, is an engineering company operating in two fields: casting production and foundry modernization. With a dazzling success supported by the spread of good reputation of efficiency and reliability of the machines already installed,

Victaulic Polska was tempted by the Koyama technology in 2018 and is currently equipped with 6 machines 400Si (One operator managing 2 machines and cylindricity test)

PS Autogrinding Ltd has created the “3TOOL” for brushing:

From the first pool of machine, Victaulic had found its own layout. The Koyama cycle time was good and the working organization defined at 1 operator for 2 machines.

Loading and unloading weren’t the single tasks given to the operator, he has also:

  • to remove the small residual chip caused by the diamond wheel, on each ends of the fitting.
  • to check unitary the cylindricity by gauge diameter Go/No Go on each ends of the fitting.
  • If necessary, to straighten out the wrong end by hydraulic press and test again.

PSAG has developed an additional horizontal third tool with spindle for brushing but it could be also for small tool or drill…

The result after a brush selection was convincing and the brush durability of several shift (the brush live time could be more profitable on several diameters of fitting.

With the 3TOOL option, the operator is stressed less and he no longer worries to keep waiting for the next the grinding cycle of one of the both machines. he removes his individual work protections since he no longer has any tools in his hands apart from the gauge and the hydraulic press.

All machines are equipped nowadays.

Next step: Robotic Loading Cell front on the both machine

We made all qualification test for the fittings with a very good speed of random position of flat picking on conveyor.

the next step is to integrate the RLC (robotic Loading Cell) for 2 machines including:

  • the control step of Go / No Go by the 2D vision system
  • the program decision to drop it to the final product or to straighten out the wrong end by hydraulic press and test again.

AFC Redon

PSAG – Safer Grinding Solutions


PS Autogrinding Ltd give you safer grinding solutions for the Foundry Industry

Our PSAG Automatic Grinding Machines are programmed, edited, operated and maintained by workers with no previous programming experience. From zero knowledge to capable in as little as 2 days.

With the increasing claim culture, rising insurance costs and a drive to improve working conditions, moving to Automatic Grinding Machines will improve your foundry safety and overall cost effectiveness.

PSAG know that Good Health and Safety is good business.

Foundries report greatly reduced costs due to fewer accidents, less absenteeism, less training and management of Health and Safety, and benefits with insurance premiums. This simply is achieved by automating the cutting and grinding process in a sealed unit therefore taking the possibilities of eye and hand injuries, vibration related diseases and respiratory issues to a new low.

Improving and being seen to be proactive in your Management of Health and Safety can be a major factor when attempting to  win new business from major suppliers.


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