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PSAG hones its specialization in casting part finishing : P.S. Auto Grinding’s European Expansion and new Chinese Partnership

Discover the Excellence of P.S. Auto Grinding Limited

Welcome to P.S. Auto Grinding Limited, where over twenty years of expertise in finishing foundry parts using Koyama Barinder automatic grinding centers has set us apart in the industry. Our unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency has earned us the trust of our customers and a reputation for excellence.

Why Choose P.S. Auto Grinding?

At P.S. Auto Grinding, we understand the unique challenges faced by our foundry clients. Our tailored solutions and extensive range of machines and accessories, known for their robustness and performance, have made us a reliable partner in the industry.

Adapting to Evolving Needs

Throughout our history, we have continuously adapted to meet changing demands while maintaining our core values of efficiency and reliability. Today, our machines can be enhanced with numerous options, including extraction conveyors and robot loading cells, all designed and produced by us.

Enhancing Your Business

Join us and discover how our expertise can contribute to strengthening your business and promoting sustainable growth. In response to client requests, we have expanded our offerings to become a specialist in part finishing across Europe.

New Partnership with WEIJING

To address our clients’ needs for quality and affordability, we have partnered with the Chinese manufacturer WEIJING. Their hydraulic wedges and impactors, designed for the efficient removal of casting parts, have been upgraded to our standards and are offered at unbeatable prices. This partnership ensures excellent after-sales service and high-quality equipment at competitive rates.

Addressing Concerns About Chinese Equipment

Rightfully, European industries may hesitate to invest in Chinese equipment due to concerns about quality, reliability, after-sales service, safety standards, and brand reputation.

P.S. Auto Grinding address these concerns by:

  • Ensuring consistent quality and reliability to avoid additional costs related to repairs, replacements, and downtime.
  • Providing comprehensive after-sales service with spare parts and technical support based in Germany for swift assistance.
  • Guaranteeing compliance with European safety and standards to avoid fines and litigation.
  • Upholding our brand image and reputation by delivering high-quality equipment that matches European standards.

Your Trusted Partner

In Europe, few reputable foundry equipment manufacturers remain. Through our partnership with WEIJING, we meet our customers’ demands for quality and cost-effective solutions, backed by our reliable after-sales service and readily available spare parts.

Contact Us

For inquiries and further information about our new product ranges, including the Hydraulic Wedge Breaker (splitter) and impactors (Hammers) “PSAG” for degating manufactured by WEIJING, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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PS Autogrinding Limited And PS Autogrinding GmbH

Identity Realignment of PS FoundryTech GmbH: The Subsidiary’s Name Transition to PS AUTO GRINDING GmbH to Strengthen the DNA of the PS AUTO GRINDING Brand.

We saw you there: METEF 2022

(Bolagna Fiere)

Vibroprocess, our partner on the Italian market, organised a booth on the Metef 2022 exhibition.

We have selected it for its dynamism and the coherent offer it offers on its domestic market with its own vibrating equipment products,

its partnership like us with Andromat, and our products.

This makes it a specialist in the post molding process for the finishing shop.

We would like to thank above all our many visitors.

Many thank VIBROPROCESS Renato Polelli (Managing director) and ANDROMAT Michael Göbel (Managing Director) for this good family time at the METEF 2022 which took place in Bologna Fiere from the 9 – 11 June 2022.

Post from JF Roumec (Sales manager PS Autogrinding Ltd)

Société Industrielle des Fontes installs two Koyama 400Si centers

Since 1932, the SIF (Société Industrielle des Fontes) foundry located in Saint Quentin in the North-East of France has specialized in the manufacturing of small and medium series of cast iron castings with spheroidal graphite (ENGJS), lamellar graphite (ENGJL) or alloy cast iron ranging from a few tens of grams to 80 Kg. SIF (Société Industrielle des Fontes) offers a wide range of services ranging from the co-design of cast iron parts to the delivery of assembled sub-assemblies.

SIF regularly invests in advanced technologies, enabling it to produce

more than 2,500 tons of cast iron per year for diversified business sectors, both in France and for export.

Export represents nearly a third of turnover with other European countries.

In 2021, although already equipped with 2 robotic grinding cells, SIF opted to purchase two 400Si robotic grinding centers from P.S. AutoGrinding Ltd for the finishing of small parts.

The company appreciated the user-friendliness and speed of the teach in mode for the deburring programs that do not require special qualifications, as well as the great ease of implementation, the speed and cleanliness of execution.

After several months of use, the foundry is still enthusiastic about this investment and the mission is successfully accomplished for PSAG.

We congratulate and thank the SIF for having taken charge of our technology so well.

An operator manages the two machines with different row castings type. The staff have welcomed the arrival of the centers very well and do not wish to go back.

Visit the site of this beautiful foundry:

SIF (Société Industrielle des Fontes) (

In 2021, 53 units of different capacities were sold as well as robotic cells for automatic loading of machines.


How IW GUSSPUTZ GmbH and PS autogrinding Ltd couldn’t have met each other when the two companies share the same logo: the grinding wheel with sparks?

The IW group is a constellation of three companies:

• In 2006, the engineering company IW-PROJEKT GmbH started up with headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. It successfully implements international projects in the field of mechanical engineering and installations, with production at economic locations in Europe and Asia, especially Turkey.

• In 2010, the post-processing, casting finishing and logistics company IW-GUSSPUTZ GmbH near Aschaffenburg, which from 2020 implemented the first automation lines with PS AutoGrinding Ltd

• In 2016, the foundation of IW-STEELTEC AS, a company specialized in the manufacture of machinery and installations, based in the coastal industrial site of Izmir / Turkey, the youngest company of the IW group of companies.

IW GUSSPUTZ is strong of:

  • 3 000 m² with inlet and outlet by truck with full roof
  • 75 employees (production, quality, logistic and management) in two shifts and possibly in three shifts with appropriate ordering requirements.
  • Warehouse and logistics: Extended storage options: – approx. 400 boxes

Servicing of IW GUSSPUTZ:

  • Manual cutting for cluster or by CNC robot hexapod Fanuc
  • Manual Grinding or CNC part grinding Koyama 400S, 500TT, 500TTXL
  • Part sandblasting
  • Endoscopic control
  • Dip or spray paint
  • Storage and delivery to the end customer.
  • Machining and assembly of components

IW GUSSPUTZ Testimony:

“Four Koyama robotic grinding centers optimize planning efficiency and reliability…”

Mr Sefah R.Altun CEO said

With the expansion of the casting cleaning machines fleet by four Robotic grinding centers, IW GUSSPUTZ will take a new step of optimization in its machining processes in 2020!

“Never again Bench grinder!” “Is the joy of all our employees who have worked regularly at this workplace so far. And for everyone, because the conversion of the hand grinding workstations to automated grinding has given the casting cleaning team a lot of momentum since January 2020. Everyone is enthusiastically jumping into the courses. internal training, because the new grinding centers take over all arduous grinding work after the current conversion phase and thus also their exposure to noise, dust and the risk of injury. In the future, tireless machines will form the technical basis for reliable and consistent grinding quality for all castings processed, fewer rejects and more efficiency in the entire outsourcing workflow.

In the same year, we ordered: 2 x 400S, 1 x 500TT, 500TTXL

At the time of writing this article, other machines are on the way with great ambitions.

IW GUSSPUTZ GmbH a company to follow…

Poland’s Postcard to PS Autogrinding Ltd from Victaulic Polska

PS Autogrinding Ltd and the Polish Market:

PSAG is the sole distributor of Koyama Automatic grinding machines across EMEA with its Subsidiary PS FoundryTech GmbH located in Germany. PSAG has built up an efficient network of agents over time. Paul Smith, the Founder, is proud to celebrate the 20 years old of the company. And it will not be 20 candles that we will blow out but more than 520 as the number of machines sold since its inception.

Providing machines for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, service, training and spares PSAG & PSFT has grown from modest beginnings into the leading supplier of automatic grinding systems. PSAG has developed its own Robotic Loading Cell and machine’s options for a customization controlled and without unpleasant surprises.

With a first machine installed in 2007, the Polish Market isn’t the biggest with 28 machines installed in comparison of the 139 in UK, the 67 in Turkey or the 61 in Germany but it’s a fast-growing market with foundries moving ahead.

Eurocast Industries sp zo. o. sk, our agent, is an engineering company operating in two fields: casting production and foundry modernization. With a dazzling success supported by the spread of good reputation of efficiency and reliability of the machines already installed,

Victaulic Polska was tempted by the Koyama technology in 2018 and is currently equipped with 6 machines 400Si (One operator managing 2 machines and cylindricity test)

PS Autogrinding Ltd has created the “3TOOL” for brushing:

From the first pool of machine, Victaulic had found its own layout. The Koyama cycle time was good and the working organization defined at 1 operator for 2 machines.

Loading and unloading weren’t the single tasks given to the operator, he has also:

  • to remove the small residual chip caused by the diamond wheel, on each ends of the fitting.
  • to check unitary the cylindricity by gauge diameter Go/No Go on each ends of the fitting.
  • If necessary, to straighten out the wrong end by hydraulic press and test again.

PSAG has developed an additional horizontal third tool with spindle for brushing but it could be also for small tool or drill…

The result after a brush selection was convincing and the brush durability of several shift (the brush live time could be more profitable on several diameters of fitting.

With the 3TOOL option, the operator is stressed less and he no longer worries to keep waiting for the next the grinding cycle of one of the both machines. he removes his individual work protections since he no longer has any tools in his hands apart from the gauge and the hydraulic press.

All machines are equipped nowadays.

Next step: Robotic Loading Cell front on the both machine

We made all qualification test for the fittings with a very good speed of random position of flat picking on conveyor.

the next step is to integrate the RLC (robotic Loading Cell) for 2 machines including:

  • the control step of Go / No Go by the 2D vision system
  • the program decision to drop it to the final product or to straighten out the wrong end by hydraulic press and test again.

AFC Redon